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Wordy photog + artsy writer + sleepless designer + workaholic artist + content marketer.

Eternal traveller. Storyteller.


Me (And my story)

Convincing slogan

So, I don’t know you or what you would like to know about me.

>> Typically, what I tell you would be an answer to your questions. But in absence of that info, I’ll just tell you what I like! If you want to know more, please say hello to me

>> I don’t like cliches or hopping on to current word trends & fashion trends.

>> I like people who are frank and don’t expect you to pretend.

>> I love anything that requires creativity.>> I have never understood the idea of being boxed in one “job” or “job description” or “job role.” If we were meant to do only one job for the rest of our lives, we wouldn’t have brains that are capable of dreaming up so many!

>> I believe that each person should create a new work role for themselves – something unique about them.

>> This work role is not just a role, it is your vacation for life. You do this well, it fulfills you, everything’s fun.

>> I believe in adding a little art, music and poetry to everything I do. Not literally. Well, sometimes literally too.

>> I think success happens to people who are avant garde – ahead of their times. Who have the courage to work on a future others are scared to even think of.

>> I think we change often as people, and we should create a life for ourselves that allows us to accommodate this change.

Content Marketer + Strategist

Content marketing/ strategy – The fine art and science of sharing knowledge to build a brand personality and enamour the target audience so they love to follow you and gladly buy what you are selling. I imbibed this art and science as a natural outcome of having creative skills and venturing to try out different lines of business.

This is what I do in the big hours of the day. It is what I end up doing, even when that was not initially planned, because my clients recognize this acumen in me, and well, who doesn’t like to succeed?

I founded Quiller with this passion. We simplify content marketing so it's as easy as ordering a cuppa coffee!



When I was little, I didn’t know anything called “writing”. I was forced to write boring essays in my summer vacations. Their boring-ness made me postpone the task to the last week of the vacation and then race my imagination at the 11th hour to complete it. In the end, what I wrote in those 20 essays didn’t matter to anyone (LOL), but the habit of racing my imagination and trying on new words, like new shoes, and trying to emulate famous writers, stuck on.

When I grew older, I discovered that it was thought of as a real talent. To me it came naturally so it never seemed a big deal to “write.” People liked my writing and I liked my writing, so everything was good… enough for me to go on writing.

So I kept on writing and loving it.I write about travel, marketing, art, photography, design, spirituality & … myself

I also write fiction. I also write haikus and flash fiction

I believe I’ll create atleast 5 new genres of writing in my lifetime. Two of these are already in the works – Non non Fiction & Flash Photo Fiction.

Check out The Eternal Traveller & Workdesk - my two blogs   

Convincing slogan



Photography was my first foray into really, passionately, insanely taking up something creative as a part of my mainstream life. It was also the first skill which I mastered very quickly.

I learnt very early on that rules don’t make good photographs. Numbers don’t make good photographs. Technology doesn’t either. The maker of the photograph makes good photographs. It goes back to the heart you put into it.

I figured that I didn’t mind my photographs being imperfect. I DID mind them being boring.

To take a good photograph, you must be in love with what you see & with seeing itself. Simple. It is also important to create your own style, your own way of taking pictures, which is your watermark, your signature.

You can see & buy my photographs on Arti Agarwal Photography

DESIGN & Branding

Design is something I studied in college, fell in love with it, didn’t know what to do with it for some time, but it stuck on, and then rebounded back when I quit my highly technical job and started dabbling into my creative side.

Branding is building a personality – which you resonate with, which you believe in, which portrays who you are and what you do to the right people in a way that they get it. Then you translate it into verbal style & visual style. I do both of these.

As a preview, my own logo is two inverted triangles, standing for two A’s – my initials. They represent growth, achievement, expansion, always looking at something higher, sharpness of vision, being avant garde (French for ahead of your time). The same style is continued in jagged lines on this site & the blog.


For me, art is the way I relate with Life. It is my relationship with Life.

I make art when I’m most Alive.

Everything else is action. Art is non-action. It is my special place where nothing other than me & Life exists. I play with all mediums and formats of art – paints, pencils, charcoals, markers, and anything new I find. Doodling is as important a piece of artwork to me as a life-size painting.

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